not to mention heavy. For safety reasons

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Clogs are closed-upper, heavy shoes made of wood with chunky heels originally made as work footwear by the Europeans back in the early days. This 2010, wooden clogs are back on runway spotlight making a big splashing comeback for spring-summer women fashion.
Clogs of years ago
What moms used to wear back in the 70's are one of the hottest trends this season. The traditional clogs of Denmark and Netherlands were used by workers of fields as protection to their feet. Danish clogs were originally made of all wood - wooden soles and wooden uppers. They were big and unattractive, not to mention heavy. For safety reasons, women and men wore clogs until they were finally worn socially to clog dances or "clogging".
Various designers have managed to keep clogs in modern-age existence by incorporating the original shape of the heels to less-chunkier ones and the side-studded uppers with something "cute" and playful such as ribbons, fabric flowers, studs and vintage buckles that young women of today can actually wear!
After Chanel launched the Spring/Summer 2010 collection featuring Chanel clogs, the wooden footwears have been making women work extra hours just to get these fabulous chunky heels fit into their budget. Neutral clogs are versatile so you can get away with wearing just about anything with them. To update an old pair of clogs, try decorating them with a that can be easily attached to the clogs uppers.
A denim mini skirt looks great with clogs creating a funky, chic look. A printed mini summer dress is playful and young, a favorite look among the ladies this summer 2010. A pair of knee-leggings with simple loose-fitting shirt can look very trendy with chunky accessories.
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